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All charms are secure but please do not pick at them! Care instructions will be included with your order.

Check out my add ons section for things you can add to your paci! Iridescent wings, spikes, etc.


-If you'd like jelly rhinestones mixed with glass rhinestones, you must purchase the half glass option! This works with pearls and swarovski too- if you want swarovski mixed with glass you must purchase the half swarovski option and so on.

-For colors of charms, you can email me and I can send examples or just be general about it. Say "blue" and "I prefer light blue" but just in case light blue isn't available you have to be okay with darker. (Things like roses and wings and stuff like that). If I don't have that color then feel free to leave more than one option for me!


Pleass include in the notes to seller (color of the pacifier- please see my “non decorated pacifiers” section for full photos);




Or leave color options blank and I will match your theme choice.


(Yes or no, do not come with the pearl options)


(Yes or no, they are FREE with ALL rhinestone options. If you chose a rhinestone outline from the drop menu and want pearls tell me how you'd like the pattern. For example- pearl, rhinestone, pearl, rhinetone OR pearl pearl, rhinestone, pearl pearl and so on. If you chose fully covered and want pearls tell me how you'd like them. For example- do you want a pearl outline and filled in with rhinestones? Do you want the pearls mixed in with the rhinestones? Do you want the shield covered in rhinestones and the handle lined with pearls?)

Specific button charm:

(Resin ___, -insert link here-, one you have seen in my shop before, in the add on section of my shop I have custom image glass charms)

If you choose resin and it's something that I need to paint like a controller or totoro please tell me what color you'd like the painted parts to be.

YOU DO NOT need to have a specific charm! If you tell me "Funshine Bear" I will find or make a funshine bear charm for you. You can request to see it first via email or just trust me to decide!

Letter beads:

(Yes or no and what would you like them to say? Please keep in mind I can only fit so much. The beads you can choose a standard color option- black, white, red, purple, yellow, green, blue. The letters themselves I can custom paint!)

Other charms (you get 2 for free and each extra is $1 just add the “EXTRA CHARM” option to your cart and change the quantity accordingly):

(I have roses, bows- plastic, resin or ribbon, hearts, stars, wings-plastic only (iridescent is an add on in the shop!), crowns, shape glitter, etc.)


This is where you go into complete detail about what you would like. The less detail you write- the more creative freedom you are giving me!

Specific areas you'd like things, Where do you want your extra charms? The top right of the shield? Outlining the letter beads on the handle? What color whip? No whip? (The stuff on the button where I normally put star glitters and resin charms) Glitter?

If you say "Princess Belle" and leave no other description- I will most likely do a yellow and white paci with clear gems and white pearls and red roses and "Belle" or "Princess" on the handle. I will be creative with whatever you give me, but if you don't explain completely then I am NOT responsible if you don't like it!

You can always always always email me to talk about it first! If you'd like a specific charm you've seen online or you want me to find a charm first- email me. If you'd like a charm you've seen in the shop before- explain it to me. There are no refunds on custom items no exceptions.
Contact me at any time with shop related questions via the email
If you're satisfied with your order, and/or you'd like to help the shop grow- Check out my gawkbox page and you can tip COMPLETELY FREE!
Have an amazing day that is as amazing as you are, much love always xx



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