A Little About Me

Welcome to Sweetest Serenity!

This shop has been in the making since December 21st, 2015. It all started on Etsy- I started from nothing and made it to almost 500 sales (not including PayPal, depop, and cash orders), over 150 reviews, and a total of 5 stars overall. I've been considering starting a website for a while, and here I am!

I started crafting kink gear because it helped relieve my depression from things going on in my life. I saw the community, how accepting it was back then and how open minded everyone was and it was so beautiful to be a part of. Sitting down and crafting and putting all of my emotions and stress into my work- working as hard as I can..it helped me a lot! And it still helps me take my mind off of daily struggles.

I then decided to start crafting other things aside from gear like soaps, slimes, kandi, resin pieces, charms, chokers and more! You can always request these items from me if you’d like them!

Sweetest Serenity is operated by one girl; no one answers my messages/emails for me, no one helps me craft, and no one helps me ship. Everything is completely run by me, and I do my very best to meet your needs! I work hard on everything I create, everything is crafted with love and care and I take my time sometimes remaking things a few times until it's perfect.

Customs will forever be open. These are my favorite pieces because making your imagination come to life is what I strive to do! Making my shop friends (because you're more than customers to me) happy is my priority. The whole reason I started this shop was to make you smile! I want to do everything I can to make that happen.

Please be patient with me~ I'm always here to answer questions and help you if you're looking for something specific or you're not quite sure what you want! I love helping design. If I don't have a color or item you want in a certain way, I will do whatever it takes to find or make what you're looking for. I'll shop around local stores and online to find your perfect supplies!

On top of fetish gear (and the things listed previously) for every kink and every head space; I also create things for age players and adult babies (since this is not always a kink) plus cosplay or regular chokers for everyone who is 18 and up (I will also make a custom collar for fur suits and such if you email me and let me know what size you need and other information!), PLEASE KEEP IN MIND I DO NOT SELL TO MINORS! Come back when you are 18 and I will happily discuss anything with you.

Thank you so much for stopping by~

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