BYO 1.5" Ribbon Collar

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Plush satin ribbon with strong webbing underneath to hold its shape for tugging. Webbing lining and colored webbing are add ons in my shop!

If you want different colors (ex. half purple half blue), just let me know!


Please leave in the notes at checkout (include ribbon width and color);
Collar/Wrist Size (inches):
Base Color (pleated or flat, 1.5):
Middle Color (7/8, 5/8 or 3/8):
Third Color (optional, 3/8):
Bow Color:
Second Bow (optional):
Bow Middle (optional):
Front Hardware:
Ties Color:
Bell Color (collar only, 8mm):

Base Color: Black pleated
Middle Color: Pink 5/8"
Bow Color: Pink 5/8"
Bow Middle (optional): Pink
Front Hardware: Small silver o-ring
Ties Color: Black 3/8"
Bell Color (8mm): None

Base Color: Black pleated
Middle Color: Black 5/8"
Bow Color: Black 5/8"
Bow Middle (optional): none
Front Hardware: D-ring
Ties Color: Pink
Bell Color (8mm): None

Want something more fancy?

I offer a wide selection of add ons like spikes, extra rings, crystals and more.

Ordering a tied instead of buckled?
You can also purchase a lock to satisfy your day and play needs!

To give it the final touch, I also have various charms, bells and name tags!
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