Caregiver/Little Starter Package

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no other items are guaranteed because this is a mystery! You CAN get the things listed but It's RANDOM. Snack containers, adult bottle, infant bottle, adult pacifier, infant pacifier, stuffies, cuffs, there's tons of options.

This package is made for expiriementing! Not sure if you like cuffs? Not sure if you like infant or adult size? Sippy cup or bottle? Well here's a way for you to possibly find out! IF THERE IS one thing specifically that you would like to try- you can leave it in the notes at check out.

Again nothing is guaranteed but you get what you pay for!

If you leave the notes blank, I'll include a completely mystery package.

Please leave in the notes at checkout;
Wrist cuff size:
Ankle size:
Favorite colors:
Favorite themes (girly, dark, spooky, kawaii, Disney):
Are you comfortable with adult toys?:

There are no refunds if you are unhappy with the outcome, I'm sorry!


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