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Please leave any specific details that you would like to see in the notes to seller! The more descriptive, the easier it will be for me to make something that you'll enjoy.

Keep in mind this is for 1 item, a collar. IF YOUD LIKE a name tag or charms just let me know in the notes at checkout! It will take away an add on and it will be a RANDOM name tag or RANDOM charms to go with the mystery theme! Just make sure you tell me your name/nickname(s).

If you would like to pay a different price please email me and I will make you a custom listing with your desired price! (For example i can make you a listing for $35 or $40 if you’d like a more detailed collar or $20-25 for a less detailed collar.

Theme examples:
> Little girl/little boy/abdl/ageplayer
> Kitten/bunny/fox/puppy/pony/wolf
> -insert any pet here-
> Purple/black/white/green
> -insert any color(s) here-
> Dark/pastel/rainbow
> -insert any color themes here-
> Kawaii/gothic/halloween/creepy cute
> -insert any specific theme here-
> Hello Kitty/korilakkuma/rilakkuma/gudetama/Ariel/Snow White/mad hatter
> -insert any character here-
> Disney/dreamworks/pixar/Tim burton
> -insert any specific movies or tv shows here-
> Princess/prince
> -insert any specific princess or prince here-

If you don't include your NECK SIZE, I will include a collar that is 12 inches long by default. If you don't include your favorite color(s) or at least a color theme (pastel/dark/etc) I will include things of random colors. If you don't include a THEME the collar will be completely absolutely random, and if I don't know your GENDER you may end up with a theme you don't like!

Your collar will be worth what you paid.

THIS IS NOT REFUNDABLE IF YOU ARE NOT PLEASED WITH WHAT YOU RECEIVE, this is a MYSTERY therefor you may love it-like it or hate it but the more descriptive you are in the notes to seller the better!


Contact me at any time with shop related questions via the email

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