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Please leave any specific details that you would like to see in the notes to seller! The more descriptive, the easier it will be for me to make something that you'll enjoy (especially if you're getting a higher priced package)! Keep in mind quality vs quantity when seeing the items inside. Lower value packages will include less valued items than the higher value package! If you get a $100 package, it may have a BUNCH of smaller items or it will have a collar worth more with add ons, a higher quality name tag, padlock, charms, etc. However please do not buy a $20 mystery package and expect something that is higher priced like a fully decked out adult pacifier or an intricate webbed collar.

If you would like to pay a price that is not in the drop menu (must be $15+) please message me and I will make you a custom listing with your desired price! (For example i can make you a listing for $35, $55, $72, $38, etc)

Mystery packages CAN include the following:
> Tug proof collar(s) and day collar(s)
> Tug proof wrist/ankle cuffs
> Any clothes, lingerie, bags, socks
> Leash(es)
> Name tag(s) and padlocks
> Bell(s) and charm(s)
> Bondage items and adult toys
> Pet toy(s) and bowl(s)
> Pacifier clip or lead
> Adult/infant pacifier(s) (decorated or plain)
> Sippy cup(s) and bottle(s) (decorated or plain)
> Snack container(s) (decorated or plain)
> Plasticware (decorated or plain)
> Snack(s) and candy
> Coloring book(s) and sticker(s)
> Crayons/colored pencils
> Stuffie(s) and pillow(s)
> Kandi bracelets/cuffs/chokers/necklaces
> Bath bomb(s), soap(s), scrub(s), lotion(s)
> Decorated or plain phone case
> Makeup
> Slime or floam

Theme examples:
> Little girl/little boy/abdl/ageplayer
> Kitten/bunny/fox/puppy/pony/wolf
> -insert any pet here-
> Purple/black/white/green
> -insert any color(s) here-
> Dark/pastel/rainbow
> -insert any color themes here-
> Kawaii/gothic/halloween/creepy cute
> -insert any specific theme here-
> Hello Kitty/korilakkuma/rilakkuma/gudetama/Ariel/Snow White/mad hatter
> -insert any character here-
> Disney/dreamworks/pixar/Tim burton
> -insert any specific movies or tv shows here-
> Princess/prince
> -insert any specific princess or prince here-

If you don't include your NECK SIZE, I will include a collar/choker that is 12 inches long by default. If you don't include your WRIST or ANKLE sizes, there is no possibility of cuffs. If you don't include your NAME/nickname(s), there is no possibility of a name tag or custom bowl. If you do not include your CLOTHING SIZES (measurements or size) there’s no possibility of tops, bottoms, lingerie, etc. If you don't include your favorite color(s) or at least a color theme (pastel/dark/etc) I will include things of random colors. If you don't include a THEME the package will be completely absolutely random, either pet themed or little themed and if I don't know your GENDER you may end up with a theme you don't like! It also would be a good idea to let me know if you’re comfortable with bondage gear as in ropes, tape, sensory items and also toys.

Your package will be worth what you paid (in usd) or more, but NO ITEMS ARE GUARANTEED! If you'd like a specific item, please message me about a CUSTOM. Do not get angry with me if you ask for a specific item and don't receive it I also have mystery items listed separately!

THIS IS NOT REFUNDABLE IF YOU ARE NOT PLEASED WITH WHAT YOU RECEIVE, this is a MYSTERY therefor you may love it-like it or hate it but the more descriptive you are in the notes to seller the better!

IF YOU WOULD JUST LIKE ONE MYSTERY THING like just a collar or just a pacifier I have a listing for that!

Please keep in mind mystery packages take me a while to put together for you, I purchase things online and go to the store and make sure that I find the perfect things to add for you! Please allow AT LEAST 2-6 weeks ~


Contact me at any time with shop related questions



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